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Fuqing city xinda spirulina co., LTD,Founded in1995Years,Is a collection of scientific research and development、Algae farming、Production and sales for the integration of both at home and abroad comprehensive high-tech co., LTD
It happened7A breeding base、An institute of algae、A algae products deep processing workshop and a blue pigment extraction workshop。New Jersey company always insist on quality first,The aim of the social benefit as heavy,
Have professional quality control team,

Equipped with such as atomic absorption spectrometer、Atomic fluorescence photometer、High performance liquid chromatograph and other advanced equipment for product quality monitoring,Leading domestic product quality,Widespread praise at home and abroad。



Annual production of spirulina




Xinda company was founded in



Annual production of chlorella




Annual output of algal blue pigment


Product center

Spirulina powder

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Institute of algae
Fuqing city xinda ze algae research institute was established2011Years,As a New Jersey company subordinate algae professional research and development department,Is the one of the few enterprises algae research institutions...
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Breeding base
New Jersey company breeding base are mainly distributed in hainan province and jiangxi province,The environment is exquisite,Sunny all the year round,The climate is suitable,Stay away from the industrial towns and cities,The quality of products to ensure the raw material。Breeding base of spirulina1600Tons,Chlorella400Tons。
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